Get a Portuguese residence permit with us

We will take care of all the processing tasks: we will write a startup project with calculations and a business plan, develop a website and an application, make statements, translate documents into Portuguese, fill out a form on the portal, get approval from incubators and prepare for the getting 2 years residence permit.

If your project is not approved, we will give money back.
What you get
In short, practically everything. All you have to do is send in the basic documents and talk to us
  • We will fully formalize the startup project
    We will write everything you need to describe your startup and protect it in front of the regulators. We will write a concept, a business plan with financial calculations, make a website and a presentation, make a CV and a motivation letter. We can include you in an existing project.
  • We will collect all the necessary documents
    You have to provide the basic documents, and we will arrange everything else. Certificate of criminal record through the Portuguese consulate, a certificate of available funds and the obligation to transfer money to Portugal, proof of absence of debts to the tax authorities, translation of diplomas and others.
  • Let's fill out the entire startup application form
    We will fill out all the pages of the large startup visa application form for you. We know exactly what to write and how to write it correctly, as we went through it ourselves and got it approved for 7 other teams.
  • Get the incubators to approve the project
    We will send applications to incubators, set up calls with presentations, and get at least 1 approval to send a final application for review.
  • We will accompany the whole team and family members to obtain a residence permit
    With us full support and coordination from the collection of documents to obtain a residence permit card for you and your family. We will always be in touch via Telegram and voice.
Let's estimate the probability of obtaining a residence permit
Send us a message and we'll ask you questions and give you a free assessment of your startup's chances of obtaining a residence permit. Maybe we can advise you on a more suitable option.
Who we are
Our names are Stas and Xenia. We moved to Portugal in 2022 on a startup visa. Completely figured out the whole system, applied, got approval, came to the country and made residence permit cards for 2 years.

Then we helped our friends move in with their startup. They brought another team who wrote about us and two more came...

So helping to get a residence permit for a startup became our job. We immersed ourselves in the process head-on, keeping up to date with all the changes. We helped get approval for 7 teams and 3 more under consideration. We can help you too!
Why Startup Visa
This is the most convenient, inexpensive and fastest way to legalize in Portugal:
  • You don`t have to have a working and profitable startup to apply, just an idea in the form of a presentation and an MVP.
  • Up to 5 people can apply for one startup and one application, and all five can get visas and a residence permit at the same time.
  • The primary residence permit is issued for two years, then easily extended for another 3 years. And then you can apply for permanent residence permit or citizenship of Portugal.
  • You do not need to issue NIF (tax number) and NISS (social security number), no need to look for housing to rent, open a bank account and transfer the money. This can all be done after you move in Portugal.
  • You do not need an investment, it is enough to show the availability of money in the amount of at least 5766 euros in any currency at the current exchange rate.
  • You can apply for a visa in your country, as well as being in Portugal itself on a Schengen visa.
  • The entire process is automated and takes place online through a special portal.
  • A high approval rate (if you meet all the requirements).
  • Priority registration of residence permit with a short waiting period (compared to other methods of legalization in Portugal).
  • After obtaining your residence permit, you can be reunited with family members.
  • Start-up visa allows you to work in Portugal.
How we work
  • 1
    We communicate with you verbally and estimate the probability of your case being approved and obtaining a residence permit
  • 2
    We draw up a contract and ask for an advance of 1,000 euros
  • 3
    Gather documents, fill out an application, send requests to incubators, and get approval from at least one of them
  • 4
    Requesting the second part of the payment of 2,000 euros
  • 5
    Fill out the rest of the application form and send it in for review
  • 6
    We wait for the most important approval from the state and ask for a final surcharge of 1,000 euros
  • 7
    Preparing documents to apply for a residence permit
  • 8
    We advise and support you in obtaining a residence permit for family members
Cost of accompaniment
5000 euros per applicant
- Payment in three stages after key approvals.
- Family members are included in this cost.
- We make a contract with terms and conditions.
- Discounts for the number of participants
- Money back in case of failure.